Task Force

The Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund is overseen by a volunteer Task Force. The Task Force will provide oversight and approval related to grants made from the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund. The Task Force, comprised of board members and appointees of the two organizations, will provide oversight and leadership for the Greater Houston COVID-19 Grants Committee, which is responsible for developing the grant-making strategy, recommending grants to nonprofits, and evolving grant-making strategy to respond to community needs. The Grants Committee is comprised of staff members of the two organizations in addition to a program officer from the Houston Endowment who brings public health and disaster expertise.

The Task Force will make investments in services provided by trusted nonprofit partners that have proven experience and systems in place in serving the community during times of disaster. Our goal is to work with trusted partners to leverage our collective resources and make the greatest impact we can for those in urgent need.

The organizations and services the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund invests in will be listed on this website once available.

Advisory Task Force

Tony Chase, ChaseSource, LP
Irma Diaz-Gonzales, Employment and Training Centers, Inc.
Lynn Elsenhans, Sunoco (retired)
Bob Harvey, Greater Houston Partnership
Laura Jaramillo, Wells Fargo
Nancy McGregor, GHCF Board Member
Y. Ping Sun, Rice University and Yetter Coleman

Grants Committee

Stephanie Blair, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Chris Hensman, Arnold Ventures
Annie Hurwitz, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Elizabeth Love, Houston Endowment Inc.
Curtis McMinn, United Way of Greater Houston
Margaret Oser, United Way of Greater Houston
Mary Vazquez, United Way of Greater Houston
Renee Wizig-Barrios, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Diana Zarzuelo, Greater Houston Community Foundation

Subcommittee Members

Shauna Harris, United Way of Greater Houston
Rebecca Hove, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Traci Jack, United Way of Greater Houston
Jennifer Touchet, Greater Houston Community Foundation